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You arrived on the main page at Access Point (located in Guelph, Canada). You can find a variety of services and links here, as you can see in the above menu. Feel free to browse around here and hopefully you will find what you are looking for.


One thing definitely worth mentioning on the front page, is the following website: Creation.com
This website will show you the details of what we actually do know about our world! Amazing systems and structures of life, which will blow you away!

The truth on Creation.comIt is amazing to see how the more we discover, the more things start to fit together. Even though things were thought to be strange and inefficient before, now we realize that this was solely due to the lack of our understanding of the actual functionality of it all. It is awesome to witness the beauty of the working of life and where it originated from.

Believe in Real Facts

Go educate yourself with the things we know and see how the earth so clearly speaks of it's creator! Don't be fooled by indoctrinating theories that were forced into public teaching by atheistic extremists. Remember, Evolution is merely an improvable theory, full of far fetched ideas and unexplainable problems, changing itself rapidly by the decade. Isn't the lack of consistency already causing it to disprove itself?
All we know is that there is only one truth, so let the facts that we do know speak for themselves. It'll be obvious enough.

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