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Access Point

Access Point is the router in a basement in Guelph (ON), Canada. It provides a variety of services, including this website you are looking at. It is a simple consumer grade router running a linux based operating system. To extend its capabilities, it has a few bells and whistles connected to it.

What is all involved? One cable modem, a wireless router, and some large hard disk drives. This makes a very green solution to host a variety of services and keeping the family served with an intra-net (local netwok services) and the internet.

The average power usage is estimated to be <25 Watt (on average), whereof more than half the power consumption is a necessity in order to have an internet connection at home (modem + basic router). Putting this into perspective: An average desktop computer, which could host the same services hosted here, consumes twenty times more power (at approximately 250 Watt) than the additional components added to the mandatory modem + router for hosting all services!


  • Website hosting (this)
  • Live Church service player
  • Archived Sermons player
  • FTP server
  • Browser friendly file access service

Other services are strictly for private use and therefore not mentioned here.

Blackberry Access Point is smartphone and tablet friendly and does not discriminate between mobile- or desktop (Exception applies for Internet Explorer) browsers.

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