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Services and Sermons

Live Church Service

This page will give you access to services and sermons from the Emmanuel Canadian Reformed Church in Guelph. Emmanuel ChurchThis church is part of the Canadian & American Reformed Churches. On these websites you can find a lot of information about what the Reformed Faith entails.
Every Sunday, 2 services are hosted at the Emmanuel Church in Guelph (map). One in the morning, starting at 10am, and one in the afternoon, starting at 3pm. If you can't make it to the church, rather listen from home, or are traveling, feel free to listen in by using the live player here below.
Since Emmanuel church has seen so much growth over the years, a second church was erected, called Living Word. Living Word is currently using the gym of Cornerstone (our Elementary school in Guelph) for their services at 10am and 3pm every Sunday. Living Word also broadcasts their services, which you can access below as well.

Emmanuel live stream

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Living Word live stream

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Archived Sermons

Emmanuel records sermons, so that if you missed one, or would like to listen to a specific sermon once more, you can do so by using our 'Sermon Archive' player. You can find the link on the right side of this screen. It will direct you to the player, which will allow you to find many sermons (sorted by date) from the past, about many different bible text and from a number of different ministers.

Downloading Sermons or Services

A special service, only available to members of the Emmanuel Church, is to download past entire service recordings. Because of the limitation, a username and password is required to use this service.
If you click on the 'Download from Archive' at the right side of this screen, it will open another window/tab, where you can log-in and navigate through the files. Any file containing a sermon or service, is downloadable and playable with any mp3 player. If you need an MP3 player, you can download Winamp from the Tools page here.

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