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Amazing tools and gadgets that are available online. All tools and gadgets here are free and easy to use. They will make your life easier! Why go through the complicated process of installing applications, not knowing what side effects these will have on your computer or tablet, if you can just load them into your browser on demand?
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Music Format Converter

Audio file format converter

For over 15 years a widely supported music player platform created by Nullsoft, then acquired by AOL to be discontinued (www.winamp.com) on December 20th, 2013. Many people grew up with Winamp as the MP3 and other format music player. Although it isn't a web service and you will have to download and install it (requires Windows operating system), it does deserves a place here. The last released full and lite version for download, as well as one of the best plugins and skins.


Winamp ~ the music player for a generation

Full   -   Lite   

AutoPlay - Pimeer Skin

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